Maximizing the Potential of the IoT

we offer innovative and trustworthy IoT solutions with a wide range of cloud-based (SaaS) smart services to connect the unconnected and turn passive objects into smart ad interactive ones.

Customizable Solutions

We are all aware of IoT complexity and different siloed solutions but we make it simple for you with a single customizable platform to run different applications.

Trusted Partnership

We provide you with the most advanced IoT solutions that will allow you to run your business with the serenity of knowing that you have a single trusted partner, you have Tamkeen Things!

Smart City

Building a world-class city of tomorrow by merging the digital ecosystem

The essential components of urban development for a smart city should include smart technology and services using IoT technology.
Smart Building

Saving operational costs and increasing building efficiency and safety

Given the current focus on costs and margins, entities may be predisposed to seek to improve margins first through tried-and-true methods of cost savings and operational efficiency in your buildings and offices.

Track and control your fleet assets

Remotely monitor to manage and operate vehicle fleets and control your vehicles and driving behavior from a single dashboard.

Why Tamkeen Things

100% Saudi

Tamkeen Things is 100% local content, IoT platform developed by Saudi’s, hosted in Saudi, and the sensor is manufactured in Saudi as well.


Tamkeen things offer a single platform and pane of glass for multiple applications.


The platform is very customizable based on your requirements.


Traffic is encrypted you are the only authority to access your data

What we do


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We bring insights into light

We propose innovative ideas to solve current problems and propose the right solutions to implement those ideas.

We create a value

We leverage our experience to create a competitive advantage and edge for our clients.

We drive positive impact

We look beyond the next deadline to the next achievement, cooperating closely with our clients to achieve their smart goals

We work with integrity

We tackle our customer issues in both logical and transparent ways while sticking to our core values.

We overcome complexity

We propose a simple solution yet profound to the difficult environment using the available resources.

We grow by growing others

We believe in a win-win strategy to build success stories last forever.

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